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Behind-the-Scenes posts to explain how and why we came up with the solutions to our clients' visual challenges.

The Art of Emulation


Here’s a week-long project that was a huge challenge, and an absolute joy to create.

PARTNERS+simons creative director, Anthony Henriques, came up with this intriguing concept for their client, Agilent.  I couldn’t begin to tell you what this particular stack of instruments does.  All I know that it’s able to blend seamlessly into any work environment that can use it.

The idea was to have the instruments in a museum setting, completely merging with it’s surroundings.  And it needed to be real…no Photoshop.  So we hired my artist friend, William Rogers, to build the set, create the paintings on the wall, and paint the stack of instruments to blend in seamlessly.  Anthony created digital artwork of the paintings for Bill to copy in paint.  The painting with the swoosh on the right represents Agilent’s logo.  The other is an abstract Anthony created.

Given the complexity of the concept, things went so smoothly it was scary.  William Rogers is an artistic marvel. There was no retouching or digital imaging.  Here is the final ad, and a video PARTNERS+simons put together, giving a great behind-the-scenes look at how it was done. In addition, here is a link to William Rogers’ website and behind the scenes look.


Finished Ad


William Rogers


Amazing video showing the process of creating the final image.