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Pro Bono...


I love Pro Bono shoots. They represent such a wonderful collaboration of creative minds, supporting a worthy cause. It’s not a fluke that Pro Bono projects win awards year after year.

This is a job I did for Mullen Advertising years and years ago for the World Society For The Protection of Animals. I can remember it as if it were yesterday.  My good friend Margaret McGovern was the creative force behind this, and one chilly November morning, we met at sunrise at Singing Beach in Manchester-By-The-Sea. Maggie took off her shoes, I had my Nikon F-1 loaded and ready, and she started running along the edge of the surf. She would make one pass and the water would rush in and wash her footprints away. She did this again and again and again. I don’t remember how many rolls of film I shot, but I’m sure her feet were half frozen by the time we were finished.


Two things I remember clearly. First of all we didn’t have the fantastic autofocus and digital capabilities we have today. It wasn’t easy framing the shot and focusing  on the action before the surf intruded. Secondly, I had made sure to leave my camera bag above the water line so it would stay nice and dry. As things were winding down, I looked back up just in time to see a black poodle lifting its leg and peeing all over my bag, as its master just stood there and watched!

But we got the shot. It was a great cause. And it did win awards….