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Like looking through the eyes of a bird, which is what many pilots call their aircraft.  After years in the studio, it makes me feel free as a bird.

Phantom 4 Pro courtesy of DJI.

Phantom 4 Pro courtesy of DJI.



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A New Chapter Begins

Recently, three times in one week, I was exposed to a photographic tool I had never given an iota of thought to before. Flying Cameras, aka Drones. So here I am, the proud owner of a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Learning to fly, diving into video editing, and studying to take the FAA exam to become a certified Remote Pilot in Command. While I can’t predict where it will take me, the view is breathtaking!

After having my drone for one week, I worked up the nerve to let the bird go free out over the ocean. So early one morning I drove to the mouth of the Merrimack, where it flows into Cape Anne and the Atlantic, I shot about a half hour of airborne footage, went home and dove into the world of video editing. I’m proud to present my first video from on high.

Use your earbuds, if you’ve got them….

The trailer at the end pretty much tells it all. Four days shooting, great weather, one fly-away drone. Enjoy!

Drones Are Addicting

Drones Are Addicting

However, there have been more and more news reports about some idiot flying way outside all legal boundaries. Flying into a Blackhawk helicopter is sheer lunacy and could have had devastating results, and jeopardized all flying rights for the rest of us. So for any who might be interested here is a basic list of FAA Safety Guidelines:

•  Fly below 400 feet
•  Legal speed limit is 100 mph
•  Never fly near other aircraft
•  Keep your aircraft within visual line of sight (easier said than done)
•  Keep away from emergency responders
•  Never fly over stadiums, sports events or groups of people
•  Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol
•  Never fly within 5 miles of an airport without first contacting air traffic control and airport authorities.

If any of you are hooked on drones please follow these guidelines and educate any friends who might not know any better. It’s a privilege to be able to photograph and shoot video of these fantastic vistas.

Don't let a few irresponsible morons take that away from us.