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Spiders are Here.....


I must admit, I am as scared of spiders as the most extreme arachnophobe. So when Allen & Gerritsen called about a project for a spider exhibit the Museum of Science was planning for the summer, I jumped right in and said I would love to be involved. Lucky for me, there were no live spiders on my end.

My friend Marie Rockett was the AD. She said they wanted an image of an eight-legged bathing suit hanging on a clothesline at a nice, summery New England beach. That I could handle. So they sent me some swim trunks, and let me do my thing. I bought a couple of stock beach images that looked like they could work, I shot the suit, a length of clothesline, and a bunch of clothespins on the suit to silo and composite later. Creating the eight-legged suit took some time. The fly remained in the middle and the pockets went to the outside ends. The crotches needed to be believable without being identical, and the waistline had to be seamless, and the wrinkles needed to be random. Then I retouched and extended the beach, and here is the finished image below. As you can see in the pictures down below, the red was changed later to a blue tone. I’m sure the exhibit was a huge success.  I’m sorry to say, I missed it.


Finished Image

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