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I’m Back

The Tribe of Grandchildren

Guess what guys.  I’m Back!


Like the tribe emerging from the deep, dark jungle of corn, I’ve returned to entertain you all with photographic stories of the past, present, and the future!  Tons of behind-the-scenes ramblings, along with tales of new work I’ve done,

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted any blogs, but that is changing as of now.  What has got me juiced up like this, you ask?  I’ll tell you....not what, but WHO!

John Malkovich, that’s who.  His F-Bombing Super Bowl commercial for SquareSpace totally piqued my interest.  So I signed up, transferred my domain names over to the big SQ and began playing with templates.

 I’m pleased to announce my new website “dock25,com”  As always, still a work in progress, but more than enough to go public.  Am I happy with it?  Very much, but I would love your feedback.

Any way, keep an eye out for new posts.

Stay tuned......