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Behind-the-Scenes posts to explain how and why we came up with the solutions to our clients' visual challenges.

Room Sets


For a number of years, we were fortunate to have a few accounts which involved building room sets in the studio. Scandinavian Design and Bose Corporation were two of our biggest clients. Those were the days of two to four week projects, attempting to bring the creative visions of the art directors to life.  We were all good friends with a common goal…to create the best shots possible.  It would take a day or so to gather momentum and get a rhythm going.  We worked hard, but also had fun…often starting off with a leisurely lunch down at Quincy Market, complete with perfect margaritas and good food, which, often left us somewhat impaired for the rest of the day. But we would come back in the morning, raring to go and the project would pickup steam.

Our team was comprised of a range of fantastic talent: the art directors who dreamed up these mind benders, set builders and crew who constructed the sets, often working overnight to give us a new look the next morning.  There were stylists extraordinaire…masters of accessorizing the sets with props, flowers and plants, carpeting, art, etc.

You know who you are. Dukester, Peter, Steve, and T-Bird. The creative minds of Allison Barrett, Roberta Messuri, Don “Chuckles” Lutkus, Jim Anderson, Dana Edwards, et al.  Mari Quirk, my dear friend, thank you for the sets you built and the million jobs you styled for us. Larry Sammons, who always managed to transform our sets from vapor to solid reality, not to mention backdrop painting genius, William Rogers. And Dick LaCasse for his never ending stylistic karma.  And, then, a new frontier arrived…3-D/CGI room sets!