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Another Challenge From Alla!


I absolutely love working with Alla Litovchenko. Between Alla and Kathie Coe Renner (seen above) I couldn’t begin to guess who brought us the most challenging assignments.  And this one for Perkin Elmer was no different. Imagine, if you will, a rain splattered sheet of glass with weird biological shapes lurking behind it, and a surgical gloved hand squeegeeing off part of the glass to expose the shapes below.

Initially, I thought “Let’s set up a blue screen on the floor with a sheet of glass above it, spray it with water droplets and squeegee part of it off.”  So that was the first thing we tried.  From the start, it didn’t work out quite as well as I had hoped.   There were reflection issues. The drops weren’t looking right and a number of other things that just didn’t seem to be working for us. So next I decided to try a sheet of blue plastic, spray the drops directly on it, and see how that worked.

And that’s when things started to happen.  When I sat down at the computer and masked out the blue screen from our initial test on the plastic, I knew we were on the right track.


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Final Image


I don’t want to create the impression, that things went quickly, once we settled on the solution to the problem.  A lot of Photoshop time at the computer went into making sure the drops really stood out.  Little water details were added to the perimeter of the squeegeed part.  The gloved hand got reshaped a little.  All part and parcel of a project of this nature.  As usual, it was a blast to figure it all out and make it work,

So, thanks, Alla….and George says hi!